lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

From Ought (and Can) to Law (and impossibilities)

Writing and reviewing the Ph.D thesis is different from writing about your Ph.D thesis and about how is it going (i.e. one of the main issue of writing on this blog).

The new year started with some sort of planning and PhD an issue on which I should write some sort of post sooner or later. I discovered I'll have to switch to biblatex in order to have more options in using the bibliography and I think that I did a mistake in start doing the indexing of name and subject on each of the different .tex files of the chapters.

Concerning the thesis, given that - after all - mine is a PhD in philosophy of law, I am moving from Ought to Law, that is to say that my playing field to test different facets of OIC will be the one of impossibilities.
So I am again on impossible norms, commands and prescriptions but from a different point of view.

Last but not least, if you are interested in deontic logic and the logic of imperatives please go and read Peter Vranas' papers for the new foundations of both logics. The reasearch is incredibly interesting and his papers offers you a tremendous bibliography (that may frustate you if, as I do, you are not lucky enough to access all the resources Vranas is pointing to you).

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